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Safe & Dry™ Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads 30pcs

Safe & Dry™ Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads 30pcs

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Designed for when you’re experiencing low to moderate breast leaking, Medela Ultra thin disposable nursing pads are the discreet way to stay protected and confident.


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【Product Highlights】

• Innovative oval shape: Optimized to discreetly fit all breast shapes and sizes

• Absorbent polymer core: Locks in moisture

• Ultra-thin: Five layers of absorbency in less than 2 mm of thickness

• Soft and hypoallergenic: Gentle lining keeps you comfortable and dry

• Flexible leak-guard: Prevents milk from escaping at sides

【How to manage leaking breasts】

Breastfeeding or pumping frequently should help relieve breast fullness and therefore leaking.1 In addition, wearing nursing pads (also known as breast pads or maternity pads) can soak up any excess milk. If your leakage is only light to moderate, or you have leaking breasts during pregnancy, you may not want or need the bulk of thicker pads designed to cope with heavy flow – this is where Ultra thin disposable nursing pads can help.

【Discreet fit under clothes】

Leaking breast milk tends to travel downwards, which is why Medela’s Ultra thin disposable nursing pads have an innovative oval shape that covers more of the area beneath your nipple. This shape also fits closely to the natural form of your breasts and stays there, thanks to adhesive strips that stick to your bra. This, combined with a slim silhouette, means you don’t have to worry about the breast pads showing through your clothes.

【Ultra thin, yet absorbent】

Even though Medela Safe & Dry™ Ultra thin disposable nursing pads are less than 2 mm thick, there’s no compromise on performance. They have five layers of protection and an absorbent core that draws moisture away from the surface, so skin and clothing remain dry. The additional side leak guard means that milk is safely locked away in the maternity pad, until you’re ready to dispose of it.

【Feel comfortable and confident】

Medela’s Ultra thin disposable nursing pads are made of a soft, honeycomb non-woven material – similar to that used in babies’ nappies – so feel comfortable against sensitive skin. In fact, they’re so comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing them, so remind yourself to change them regularly! Each breast pad is individually wrapped, ready to pop into your bag for use wherever you are.

【A solution for every stage】

Ultra thin disposable nursing pads are just one part of Medela’s Safe & Dry™ range – a reliable choice of hygienic, discreet products for managing the varying levels of leakage you may experience throughout your breastfeeding journey.  

【What's in the box?】 1 x Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads 30 pcs